What Is KidZania?


Security at KidZania Delhi NCR

We have developed a comprehensive and integrated security system that encompasses:

  • Controlled Access

‚ÄčAll entry & exit points are access controlled and manned by KidZania security personnel.

  • Highly Trained Team

All employees go through intensive trainings in their respect domains to enrich each visitor’s overall experience.

  • RFID Security Bracelets

Visitors receive a bracelet to wear around their wrist with a radio frequency antenna and an identification chip installed. The bracelet can only be removed by our employees with parental or guardian authorisation through a specialised system at the end of their visit. The RFID bracelet also helps you track your kids inside KidZania and drop messages for them, as well.

  • CCTV Cameras

The complete facility is monitored by multiple CCTV cameras which are placed in strategic locations across the centre and linked to the Building Management System for the safety and security of our visitors.