What is KidZania

What Is KidZania?


Kids Activities

KidZania Delhi NCR gives children an environment that allows them to do what naturally comes to them i.e. role-playing by mimicking real-world adult roles. This indoor theme park with paved roads, buildings, vehicles, buildings, and a fully functional economy gives kids a slice of real world. KidZania Delhi NCR offers 90+ role-playing adventure activities for kids in its 60+ establishments. Click here to take a look at our Toddlers Activities.


Acting Academy


Explore the actor in you. Learn the nuances of acting,get trained in voice modulation and expressions,perform on real film sets. Parade through the city streets and engage in various acts like juggling,mime,clown show,stilt walking etc.

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Explore KidZania's air conditioning system. Work as technicians and go through the Air Ducts of KidZania to fix problems ensuring consistent air flow

Animation Studio

Trainee Animator

Get set to learn stop block animation and produce your own stop motion film.

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Archaeological Site

Archaeologist, Paleontologist

Explore the remains of an ancient civilization. Be part of an archaeological excavation and exploration project. You might find some rare artifacts.

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Art, Craft & Painting Studio

Artists, Painters

Become an Artist by painting a mural on the wall, painting your masterpiece on canvas or creating other arts & crafts to take home.

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Aviation Academy

Pilot, Co-pilot

Fly a simulated plane and land it successfully at KidZania Airport.

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Bank & ATM

Experience responsible banking through role-play at KidZania Delhi NCR by en-cashing a cheque, opening a savings account and getting your own debit card


Beauty Salon

Make-up & Barber Shop

Assist the Make-up Artist to give the clients the koolest look or get yourself a Kool beard, sideburn or moustache

Biscuit Factory

Biscuit Manufacturing

Work in the Biscuit Factory and make your own pack of biscuits

Burger Shop

Burger Making

Burger Shop Dunkin Donuts Burger Making Make your own burgers and enjoy them with your family and friends

Car Dealership

Car Demonstration

Car Dealership Maruti Suzuki Nexa Car Demonstration Meet customers, demonstrate the USP's of the IP's car and make a sales pitch

Cereal Factory

Cereal Manufacturing

Cereal Factory Kellogg's Cereal Manufacturing Work at the Cereal Factory, make your own cereals and take them home to enjoy with family and friends


Charitable Organization Institute

Fundraising Cause Awareness

Make posters, desgin campaigns, invite visitors for donations to help people in need .Collect donations and kidZos from visitors in the city and promote the fundraising campaign


City Clock

City Clock Show

Come together to perform a show around the City Clock


Climbing Building

Building Climbing

Learn how to use climbing equipment and techniques to climb a building. This activity requires shoes to be worn at all times, minimum height of the child to be 1.30 mtrs


Court House

Participate in a trial working as attorneys, judges, jury and defendant

Culinary School

Cooking Class

Use your favorite ingredients, dish out your own recipes and take them home

Dance Academy

Dance Class

Get trained under professionals for kool dance moves and then perform on stage at the Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania



Dental Care and surgery

Get important information on oral hygiene and brushing technique and perform Dental Surgery on patient

Department Store

Redemption, Inventory Management and Visual Merchandizing

Redemption, Inventory Management and Visual Merchandizing Earn and Spend kidZos! Redeem kidZos for Kool merchandise. Earn kidZos by decorating the store windows or doing a stock check


Disco Lounge

DJ and Dance Class

Time to shake a leg or mix some great music!

Donuts Shop

Donut Making

Master the art of making delicious Donuts at the Donut Shop. Choose your ingredients, make your own donuts and take them away

Driver's License Bureau

Driving Class and License Issuance

Get your own driver's license after going through driving training and demonstrating qualification to operate a motorized vehicle

Driving Streets

Car Driving

Get Set Vroom! Enjoy driving through KidZania´s driving circuit

Electronics Store

Inventory Management, Mystery Shopping and Visual Merchandising

Take stock of inventory, decorate the displays or conduct a mystery audit at the store


Emergency Room

Emergency Room

Its an Emergency here at Metropolitan Hospital of KidZania! Deal with the chaos that follows, get trained on life saving techniques in emergency situations and aid an emergency response unit to save lives


Employment Office

Job Applicant

Job Applicant Do you know a powerful resume increases your chances of employment. Give a professional aptitude test at the Employment Centre and get your professional resume

Energy Conservation Hub

Energy Conservation and city grid maintenance

Take charge of KidZania's Electricity grid and suggest ways to conserve valuable energy resrources

Express Delivery Service

Courier Service

Work as couriers distributing and picking up packages in specific establishments using delivery carts


Fashion Boutique

Runway Model and Fashion Design

Take centrestage as you walk the ramp as runway models or learn how to design costumes


Fire Department


Be a hero, go on a fire patrol and learn what to do in case of fire by being a KidZania Firefighter.

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Furniture Studio

Pepperfry Furniture Designer

Assemble different parts and make a modular furniture, deliver finished products to customers on time


Games Room/Sports Hub

Indoor and Board Games

Spend quality time with your family at the Strikehouse. Lounge and play games like Pool, Foosball, Mini Golf and lots of board games


Gas Station

Gas Dispatching

Ever wondered how a Gas Station functions! Learn how to operate the gas pump and check tyre pressure



Nursery, Knee Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Endoscopy, Liver Transplant

Take care of new born babies! Work as Maternity Nurse and help new borns bathe, feed, dress and sleep


House Finishes

House Finishes

Paint the walls of a house under construction

Ice Candy Factory

Ice Candy Expert

Make your own ice candy in a variety of flavours.


Playing at the Kindergarten

Toddlers welcome! Play didactic games, use toys, read story books and solve puzzles

Mango Drink Factory

Juice Manufacturing

Work in the Mango Drink Factory as a Production Engineer and make your own packs of Mango Drink


Music Studio

Studio Recording

Experience studio recordng first hand. Play musical instruments and get a professional recording of your performance


Natural Disasters Training Center

Create an evacuation plan in case of natural disasters and get trained in disaster management techniques


Newspaper Bureau

Choose a section of the newspaper, cover and write your own stories and set it out for print

Pizza Shop

Pizza Production

Prepare your own Pizza and share with friends and family


Police Station

Don the uniform of a Police Officer, go out on patrol to maintain the safety and order for all visitors. Head out to find suspects, pick up clues from different places across the city, interview witnesses and crack the case!


Pottery Shop

Pottery Classes

Mould your own clay models, decorate them with your colors and take them away

Product Factory

Kinder Joy Manufacturing

Make your own Kinder Joy and share it with friends and family

Radio Station

Radio Broadcast

Be the Koolest RJ in town! Learn to use professional studio equipment and run your own radio show as the RJ!


RightZKeeper´s Residence

Bathroom/Bedroom/Living Room/Kitchen/Sand Box

Take a tour of RightZKeepers Home. Explore Urbano, his sister Vita and pet Bache's Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom


Secret Agent Training Center

Secret agent training

Uncover secrets as you train to complete a mission that includes crossing a laser beam maze, climbing the spider's web and the final free fall


Field Sports, Sportscast and Cheerleading

Adidas Field Sports, Sportscast and Cheerleading Play, cheer and chornicle events like football, cricket or basketball at KidZania´s stadium


Steel Structure

Maintenance of a building under construction

Work as Construction Site Engineers & walk through the building under construction overcoming different obstacles & performing crucial checks. This activity requires shoes to be worn at all times, minimum height of the child to be 1.30 mtrs


Supermarket Experience

Supermarket Experience Ever wondered how a Supermarket operates! Shop at the supermarket, take stock of inventory or attend the cash counter



Theatre Shows

Theatre Shows Enjoy scintillating performances at the KidZania Metropolitan Theatre


Toll Booth

Toll Collection

Toll Collection Work as Toll Booth Attendants and collect Toll from vehicles on the Driving Streets


Underground Infrastructure

Underground Utility Maintenance

Underground Utility Maintenance - Explore the city's underground infrastructure. Walk through tunnels, restore power supply & water supply to the city of KidZania. Age criteria is 8+ years.


Graduation & Post Graduation Courses

Study to obtain a Bachelor Degree/Master Degree in: A) Medicine B) Engineering C) Humanities and Arts D) Media E) Business & Finance F) Design


Wellness Studio

Advanced Skin Care, Hand & Nails Treatment

Wellness and beauty go hand in hand. Offer professional wellness services or be a customer and receive a rejuvenating facial or treat yourself to luxurious Pedicure. Also learn about BMI, skin tones and skin wellness

Zespri Kiwifruit Orchard

Kiwifruit Nutrition Expert

India’s first, unique mini kiwifruit orchard set-up that allows children to experience a real life and authentic role of a horticulturist and harvest high-quality nutritious kiwifruits whilst having a ton of fun.