Air Conditioning System


  • Technician’s Assistant

Activity Description

Explore KidZania's air conditioning system and work as Technicians. Go through the air ducts to fix problems ensuring consistent air flow.

Activity Duration

15 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills:The visitors will need to climb up a lander, crawl through the AC ducts and slide down to exit. 
  • Cognitive Skills:They will need to follow the route map and instructions communicated via a walkie-talkie. 
  • Emotional Skills: They will have to cope with the stress of travelling in a claustrophobic space with other people while the time is of an essence.
  • Social Skills: Team work and communication will be the key to finishing the activity. They will need to rely on each other’s judgement as well as the messages communicated by the Zupervisor who they can’t see.



 Kids will earn 10 KiZos for this activity.