Bank & ATM

Learn to deposit and withdraw money in a fun way.


  • Customer
  • Bank Teller

Activity Description

Children develop financial literacy while enjoying the fun of opening a bank account, depositing checks and taking out cash from the ATM. They get a first-hand understanding of personal financial planning and sound money management skills. 

Activity Duration

3-15 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: As the first pit stop, the visitors need to locate the Bank on the Map, maneuver through the city to encash their first cheque.
  • Cognitive Skills: Kids develop financial literacy and discover the value for money.
  • Emotional Skills: A sense of satisfaction of having made wise decisions and rewarding choices - to save, spend, deposit and earn interest!
  • Social Skills: Kids learn to handle their own money while dealing with other touch points and visitors in the facility.


Kids can deposit or withdraw money from their accounts or they can role-play as the Bank Teller and earn 5 kidZos.