Biscuit Factory

Bake your own biscuit packet and eat it!


  • Biscuit Processing Engineer

Activity Description

The Kids will work in the Biscuit Factory as Biscuit Processing Engineer  and make their own pack of biscuits. Thy also get an opportunity to take their own biscuit packet that they have produced.

Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Operating the machinery and measuring the ingredients would sharpen their psychomotor skills.
  • Cognitive Skills: Following the instructions of the Zupervisor and understanding the process requires cognitive thinking. 
  • Emotional Skills:Visitors will learn the skill of patience and its rewards at the end.
  • Social Skills: Visitors will be working in a group, interacting with other visitors while learning the manufacturing process thus, building their social skills.



Kids will have to pay 8 KidZos for this activity.