Charitable Organization Institute


  • Volunteers 
  • Campaign Designers
  • Donors

Activity Description

Visitors will tour the city to invite other visitors to donate their kidZos and visit other establishments to collect, food, books and clothes for the less fortunate. They will also have the chance to donate their own kidZos to support a cause.

Activity Duration

15 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Visitors will create artwork for placards and posters, and carry donations from the facility to the establishment.
  • Cognitive Skills: Coming up with catchy slogans and following the route map.
  • Emotional Skills: Visitors will learn to empathise with the less fortunate.
  • Social Skills: Teamwork will be required for both activities, visitors will also need to be socially active to approach other visitors for donations.



Kids will earn 8 KidZos for this activity.