Disco Lounge

Rehearse and Perform for a live audience


  • Dancer
  • DJ's Assistant

Activity Description

Feel the rhythm of the beat as you take part in the dance activity. The dance club allows you to explore your creative side through rehearsing and performing to a live audience.

Activity Duration

15 Minutes

Please Note

Flashing lights and artificial haze effects are used in this establishment to give the feel and look of a real dance floor.

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Dancing and DJ activity will both involve motor coordination.
  • Cognitive Skills: Understanding the DJ’s instructions and following the Dancer’s steps.
  • Emotional Skills: Visitors will learn the joy of communal revelry.
  • Social Skills: Visitors will be dancing alongside others on the floor and coordinating their steps while the DJ will facilitate their dancing and encourage them.



Kids will pay 5 kidZos being a party goer. Kids will earn 8 KidZos being a DJ to complete this activity.