Electronic Store


  • Inventory and Display Manager
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Mystery Shopper

Activity Description

Kids will work as Visual Merchandisers and will be responsible to decorate the displays, demonstrate the product to customers and conclude the sale.

Activity Duration

15 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Visitors need to match products to the right area and  place them in the correct categories as Visual Merchandisers.
  • Cognitive Skills: Remember technical details in order to make a sale, and evaluate the salesman as a Mystery Shopper. 
  • Emotional Skills: Visitors get a sense of achievement after  catering to a customer’s needs and convincing them to buy a product.
  • Social Skills: Relating and interacting with customers to find out preferences and interests.



Kids will earn 8 KidZos as Inventory Manages/Visual Merchandisers and 6 KidZos for bieng a Mystery Shopper.