Product Factory

Learn the art of chocolate making


  • Product Engineer

Activity Description

Want to learn how to make chocolate? It is easier than you think. Come visit the Kinder Joy Product Factory and learn numerous interesting things about how chocolate is made. Right from the key ingredients and the key steps undertaken of a chocolate making process to name just a few. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn how to make a chocolate bar and have your own candy store.

Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Visitors will operate the machinery and manually measure ingredients.
  • Cognitive Skills: Visitors will follow the instructions of the Zupervisor and understand how an assembly line process works.
  • Emotional Skills: Visitors will be placed in positions of responsibility and will discover the joy of creating something with teamwork. 
  • Social Skills: Visitors will be encouraged to be vocal and develop language skills.



Kids will have to pay 12 kidZos for this activity.