Secret Agent Training Centre


  • Agent-in-Training
  • Analyst-in-Training

Activity Description

Agents will train to complete a mission going through one or many tests: Laser Beam; Spider Web, Vortex, Free Fall. Kids will work as Analysts and decode clues to decipher messages.

Activity Duration

15 Minutes

Skills Gained

  • Psychomotor Skills: Visitors will require a great sense of balance and physical coordination to complete the laser maze and spider maze tasks.
  • Cognitive Skills: Decoding messages as an analyst as well as following instructions to complete the mission.
  • Emotional Skills: Completing physically demanding tasks will test the visitors’ patience as well as reward them with the joy of accomplishment on finishing them.
  • Social Skills: Visitors pick up valuable language skills and other social skills while interacting with the Zupervisor.



Kids pay 8 KidZos for this activity.