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We can’t leave the adults out of all the fun

Ages Activities for Adult

There's something for visitors of all ages at KidZania Delhi NCR. Research shows that kids are more engaged in activities and likely to succeed in them when their families are involved in the process. We at KidZania, encourage such parental involvement in a child's learning process through the many role-playing adventures available in our indoor theme park.

Every establishment is either open-fronted or has large viewing windows for you to watch your children having fun. As KidZania is predominantly an experience for children, adults are not allowed to enter most of the activities. However, we can’t leave the adults out of all the fun. Begining with a 'parents only' lounge and free wi-fi access to a number of specially curated activities that adults and their kids can enjoy together. 

*Activities for Adults (17+years) are subject to change as we like to keep them new and interesting for visitors. Remember, Adults cannot enter KidZania on their own unless they are accompanying kids. Kindly check with the Information Center on entry to ensure that you have a fun-filled family time at KidZania Delhi NCR.


Sofa Parent's Lounge

Need a special place to relax and unwind? Visit the Pepperfry Parent's Lounge, a specially designated area only for adults where you could simply sit and watch TV, browse the internet, play games or chill and converse over coffee.

The lounge is designed with ample space and complete comfort in mind. Multiple seating options and comfortable couches make your time here pleasant. A foosball table and pool table ensure that parents too can have their share of family fun at KidZania Delhi NCR. The well-lit lounge also makes for a great place to read your favourite books or spend time online. Not in the mood for much activity? Cozy up with a cup of coffee or enjoy delicious food while you spend time in the lounge.

To top it all off, the kids are never too far away thanks to the kiosks in the lounge. Simply scan your RFID bracelet and track your kid's activity in the comfort of the Pepperfry Parent's Lounge at KidZania. 

Parent's Lounge

Roleplay Role-playing Activities

car dealership icon 1. NEXA Car Showroom

Roleplay as an Auditor or Customer, test the skills of the Car Sales Executive and give an approval to the Showroom Manager. Here you can be involved hands-on in your child's process of understanding the activity, attempting to sell the vehicle and the sense of achievement they feel on completion.


university icon2. Amity University

While your child earns a degree or role-plays as a Teacher, parents have the opportunity to act as a Guide at this establishment. And, who can do without a Guide. Guide your kids through academics here. Who knows? You might pick up a thing or two to include in their study routine.


3. KidZania Police Department

Adults can patrol the theme park alongside their kids as Officers. Role-playing here parents can walk side-by-side and enjoy the learning experience that their child receives as a Police Officer up close.


4.  Shiamak's Dance Academy

Join the fun at Shiamak's Dance Academy and learn a new dance routine with the kids. What's more? You get to show your skills and perform on stage at the Theatre in KidZania.



5. Furtado's School of Music

Play a music instrument or sing by the side of your young rockstar. Perform on stage and make family memories to last a lifetime, any day of the week.



6. Bajaj Electricals Ltd. Culinary School

Role-play as Chefs alongside your kids and create delicious, new dishes that you can share afterwards. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?



7. Bollywood Acting Academy

Visit the Bollywood Acting Academy and get ready to be the next superstar. You and your kid/s can practice a skit and enact it on stage as part of your experience at the Acting Academy. Always wanted to be a star? Here's your chance.



8. DHL Express Delivery Service

Become your kid's Delivery Partner and navigate the park effectively to deliver important parcels on time.



9. Toonz Animation Studio

Become an Animator with your kid and support them as they work in a team to make their very first stop-motion animated film. In this activity, your kid can script, storyboard and animate while you guide them through the process.



10. Disco Lounge

Be a part of the party and dance to the tunes of a young DJ here.



11. Archaeological Site

Go on an archaeological expedition and explore the remains of an ancient civilization. Be part of an archaeological excavation and exploration project with young Archaeologists and Paleontologists. 



12. The Stock Exchange & More powered by L&T Mutual Fund

Invest and guide your kids through the process of buying and selling stocks here.

Tourist Participate as a Spectator

cart icon1.Big Bazaar Supermarket

Join your kid/s as a customer here.


studio icon2. Colors TV Studio

Watch your kids as they role-play as hosts, camera persons and editors.



stadium icon3. adidas Stadium

Be a spectator and cheer your kid/s on as they enjoy the sport of the season.



theatre icon4. Theatre

In case you aren't performing, you can enjoy special Dance, Music and Acting performances here.



academy icon5. Aviation Academy

Watch your kids as they fulfil their dreams of soaring in the skies.



courthouse judge icon 6. Courthouse (Supreme Court)

Be spectators to an exciting case and see how the judge and jury rule front and center.

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