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Aqua at KidZania by Adidas Parley

It’s your chance to embed values of clean and green environment to your kids

Kids for a Greener World – Aqua

KidZania is all about working together for a better world! We care about our environment and how our actions affect it. Kids for a Greener World is an initiative taken by Adidas Parley to increase people’s awareness on how to save the ocean and the marine life. Through workshops, campaigns and activities we aim to develop values and abilities in kids which can contribute to making the world a better place for the future generations.

Kids for a Greener World Aquatic Life by Adidas Parley is a program laid down with the objective to inculcate in kids a sense of responsibility and virtue of change in making the environment better by saving oceans/water bodies from plastic and other pollutants.

This is an initiative starting from 29th May 2018 which includes a host of fun & learning activities for the kids who visit KidZania:

1. Poster Making – Kids will be exposed to posters showcasing the need to save the oceans. A workshop will be conducted where kids can create designs out of the plastic waste

2. Pledge to Save the Ocean – Knowledge shall be imparted to kids on facts about oceans, measures to save the ocean to spread awareness. Visitors can also pledge to save the ocean and get social media presence.

Bring your Kids to KidZania and let them experience the value of nature in the real world.


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