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birthday iconBirthday Parties at KidZania Delhi NCR

Planning a birthday party for your kids is not as easy as it was ever before. Ideas for birthday parties, special games, birthday cake, invites – there is all too much for parents to handle today. To take some of the load off your shoulders in planning your kids’ birthday parties, KidZania Delhi NCR is your go-to birthday party planner.

Not just a 90,000+ sq. ft. birthday party venue with 100+ unique activities and a private party room, we offer customized birthday cake, food and beverages, party favours, specially designed invitations and more, all strung together by party planning experts.

Touted as one of the best places to celebrate birthday in Delhi NCR and the Noida region by our customers, we would love to have a chance to be a part of kids’ special day too. So, if you are looking for birthday party organizers in Delhi NCR (Noida), look no more. Contact us to choose from 3 fun-filled packages and 4 party themes. Call us at 7290001969 | 8906 444 666 or email us at to start planning your child's birthday party at one of the best birthday party venues.

Please note: Our team of expert party planners are available for you from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm for all calls, e-mails and walk-ins.


portrait of kz iconBirthday Party Packages

At KidZania, we have a birthday package to fit every budget and every need. You can choose from the packages below to personalize your kids’ birthday.

  Zuper Premium Premium BaZic
VIP entry to KidZania Yes Yes Yes
Priority Badge for the Birthday Kid Yes Yes Yes
Priority Badge for the Best Buddy Yes    
Photo Banner on the Airport Screen Yes    
Welcome Drink for all Kids Yes    
Donuts at Entry Yes    

KidZania Welcome Song

Exclusive Themed Activities Yes Yes  
Dedicated Party Photographer 2 Hours    
Double kidZos Cheque for the Birthday Kid Yes Yes  

Special Activity for the Birthday Kids’ Parents

Exclusive Party Room 1 Hour 45 Minutes  
Birthday Cake 2 Kg 2 Kg 1 Kg
Plates, Forks, Napkins Yes Yes Yes

Balloon Decoration at the Birthday Party Room

Yes Yes  

KidZania RightZKeepers Visit

2 1  
Invitation Cards, e-Cards & Thank You Cards Yes Yes  

Souvenir for the Birthday Kid (Birthday Present)

Yes Yes Yes
Complimentary Parking for the Host Yes    
Party Feature in KidZania Newspaper Yes    

Complimentary Parking for the Host



roleplay iconBirthday Party Themes

Know more about the different birthday party games and activities that your kids can explore at KidZania below.


If your child dreams about being a Star, their birthday could be the perfect time to help them realize their dream. Our party planners will have the Dance Academy, Acting Academy and Music Studio blocked exclusively for them and their friends, arrange themed invites and more.

Activities – Dancer, Actor, Musician

Artistic Zone

Perfect for kids who love exploring their creative side, the Artistic Zone birthday party theme lets kids choose from activities at Animation Studio, Furniture Studio and Art, Craft & Painting Studio.

Activities – Trainee Animator, Furniture Designer, Artist, Painter

Serve the Nation

Your kids can show their bravery and Serve the Nation with this package. Birthday party games included at the Fire Station, Courthouse and Police Station/CSI.

Activities – Firefighter, Judge, Lawyer, Jury Member, Defendant, Police Officer, CSI Agent

Let’s Play

A fun package for kids of all ages, Let’s Play includes activities at the Stadium, Strike House and Climbing Building.

Activities – Sportsman, Coach, Commentator, Cheerleader, Customer, Climber

Be a Star

If your child loves the limelight, Be a Star is the birthday party package for them. With this package, our birthday party planners will arrange activities at the Fashion Studio, Disco Lounge and Radio Station.

Activities – Model, Fashion Intern, Dancer, DJ’s Assistant, Radio Jockey

Zet Set ToddlerZ

A toddler’s birthday party can be a little harder to plan but not at KidZania. Zet Set ToddlerZ is a toddler special activity that allows your 2-4 year old enjoy activities at the Disco Lounge, City Clock and Preschool.

Activities – Dancer, DJ’s Assistant, Performer, Student


Give your kid a chance to explore different professions on their birthday with the Professionals package. This birthday party package allows kids to explore the Car Showroom, Steel Structure and Culinary School.

Activities – Car Salesman, Builder-in-Training, Trainee Chef

Let’s Explore

Curious kids will love the Let’s Explore package that allows them to exclusively enjoy activities at the Archaeological Site, Newspaper Bureau and Air Conditioning.

Activities – Archaeologist, Palaeontologist, Journalist, Technician’s Assistant

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