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Learning through Play

Learning through play is one of the vital ideologies of Early Years learning. The most significant approaches young children learn are playing, being with other people, being active, determining new experiences, talking to themselves, communicating with others, coping with physical and psychological challenges, showing how to do something new, practice skills and repeat fun. Diverse cultures and groups inspire children to play in various ways.

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5 Key Aspects of KidZania Delhi NCR

There are so many places which add value and attract the most number of people to visit Delhi. But planning to visit Delhi the with kids and finding the perfect entertaining environment could be a difficult task. KidZania Delhi makes it easy for you to enjoy the day with edutainment. Come let’s find out about the major aspects ofKidZania Delhi, the perfect edutainment city for kids that you should know about.

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places to celebrate birthday

The most exciting event for the kids to celebrate with the people of their own age group i.e. friends is their birthday.  Birthday really excites the kids and makes them wonder how their parents are going to surprise them this upcoming birthday. The parents also look forward to for the places to celebrate the birthday of the apple of their eye as grand as possible within the specific budget. In Delhi, there are some of the superb places to celebrate birthday with amazing kid’s activities, scrumptious food, fine décor and most importantly appropriate safety and security of kids. Some of the critically acclaimed best places to celebrate birthday are-


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Places to go with kids in Delhi

After the hectic and tiring schedule of 5 days for the kids, it’s the weekend when they look for a change and wants to go out with parents to spend some fun-filled family time. Obviously, Now a day, parents are also pretty much busy in their work schedules and  get only weekends to spend some quality time at some good place to go with kids to connect with them and check their developments and growth.


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Evolution of Kids Learning Game

Children learning games have evolved over time. Earlier play used to be spontaneous unstructured activity. Kids used to engage themselves through imaginative games or on simple park rides like swings and slides. Over time, the concept of learning through fun came into being. This led to the emergence of children learning games. Treasure hunt is one of the oldest children learning games and this has reported existence even 2000 years ago.

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Celebrate Birthday at KidZania

The only day that amuses everybody is the "Birthday", whatever the age may be. Clothes shopping, deciding on the cake, limitless wishes, beautiful gifts, and lots of gala are reasons ample to get enthusiastic. But lately, the styles of birthday celebrations are changing. Birthdays are not just limited to the fun of being at home. Birthday parties are one of the reasons to explore the places with their friends.

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Best Toddler Learning Games

Toddler learning games have evolved over time. Every decade, there is a new barrage of toddler learning games that catch the attention of kids. From superhero trading cards to bey blades to Pokemon games, they all have seen the rise and the decline. However, some toddler learning games are timeless. They have stood the test of time. Mostly outdoor games fall in this category. 

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Beginners Tips for Role-play Games

Role play combines features from improvisational drama/comedy, oral story narration and board/minuscule games. The result is to some degree that is more than it is expected to be. If that sounds like it could be complex then do not be dejected, it's a lot cooler to get the hang of it than you might think. Indeed, role-playing with kids is a great way to kindle the imagination, imaginative problem-solving and coordination, and share a hobby that's great and funny. 

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Celebrating Your LO’s Birthday

Birthdays are always exciting for kids. Whether own birthday or birthday of a friend, the excitement levels are high in kids. Birthday party games for kids are always a big attraction. Kids like to participate in these games for fun. Some birthday party games for kids are also competitive where kids like to win prizes at the end of the game. If it is your little one’s birthday, you would definitely want to make it special for your kid.

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First experience at KidZania Delhi

Reminiscing about the good old childhood days make our hearts flutter. Life is nothing but a bioscope of a variety of slides. These transient sceneries not only add to our perspective but also add to our experience of surroundings, atmosphere, people, cities and much more. Each experience leaves a lasting impression on us. While at KidZania, the impression lasts for a lifetime.

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A grand birthday party for your kid

In this progressive time, we want everything to be perfect, especially for our kids. Be it their growth, education, diet, clothes and celebration of their important days like birthday. When a child’s birthday is coming, the parents obviously start searching for the kid’s birthday party venues to celebrate that precious day of their life with utmost fun and perfection. If you a Delhiiite, then you have many good options for kid’s birthday party venues in Delhi and Delhi NCR to throw a grand birthday party for your little one and make their special day a memorable and happening one.


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The happening family picnic spots

Delhi is the capital and heart of the nation. It has got many wonderful and exciting places to explore by the citizens. It is the vacation time starting up for kids and now they are looking up to enjoy great weekends day out with family. As, in today’s world parents and kids both do not get much time to spend together. Parents also look forward to spend a quality time with their kids and search for a most apt Family picnic spots in Delhi. Here, some of the best family picnic spots in Delhi sorted out for you to narrow down your search and let you choose the best for your family.


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Fun Learning Activities for Kids

Teaching kids the play-way has always been effective. Kids love to play and structured learning has not the thing for them. Creating creative learning activities for kids is the best way to make them learn. Learning activities for kids engage them meaningfully and they also learn in the process. The best part of learning activities for kids is that this is concealed learning. Kids will not find these boring. This will make your task easier as you will get full attention from the kids during these activities.

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KidZania, Place to go with Family

Places to go with family are places that strengthen your family bonds and keep you together. Delhi NCR is swarming with places to go with family. However, the biggest dilemma is selecting the best place to gowith family, as the place should cater to the needs of all age groups.


KidZania is an indoor theme park that is built like a city and has unique activities for kids to experience the outside world in a completely safe and secure environment. As it is a place to go with family, there is an array of activities for people from all age groups.

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Edutainment through Role Playing

Edutainment is a word that is a combination of two words – Education and Entertainment. To explain the word simply, it means presenting the educational concept in an entertaining fashion. Edutainment is the concept that is being widely used now to initiate young children into the process of education and learning. The attention span of toddlers is limited, and hence it is incredibly challenging for educators to hold their interest for a more extended period of time.

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The exciting kid’s zone in Delhi

When we talk about Kids Zone in Delhi, obviously we meant a place that is full of life, lots of activities, games and good food. Kids are always excited for outing and love to go to various kids zone in Delhi that are jam-packed with games and adventure activities. If you live in Delhi or going to visit Delhi soon with your kids, than KidZania is a must visit kid zone in Delhi which is professionally designed by child psychologists and play experts to provide the kids a wide range of learning activities in most entertaining and fascinating way.


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5 Most Popular Role Playing Games

Role plays have emerged as a fun,engaging yet competitive way of imparting learning to young students. Role plays, where kids take on the role of another person or character helps them to develop independent thinking within the boundaries set by the situation being enacted during the role play. Different types of role play contribute towards the building of different competencies, e.g. public services role play helps in learning about community helpers while conversational role plays help in the development of spoken language.

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Kids Interest Develops @ KidZania

Every parent aspires that their child adopts a profession which gives them immense fame and reputation. Children are too fickle minded to think of their favourite profession. Every experience leaves a lasting impression on them. Every child is immensely talented, but all it takes is a profound way to channelise their talent. KidZania Delhi NCR is one such platform where your child can realise his true talents and discover his true potential.

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Engaging Indoor Activities For Kids

The importance of indoor activities for kids cannot be denied mainly for two reasons one being limited play area in open and secondly the high levels of pollution that has engulfed the city. Another important reason to indulge in indoor activities for kids is the fact that the temperatures are of extreme nature like the scorching heat of summers and the chilly winds of the winters. 

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Have fun as you learn

“Develop a passion for learning, if you do, you will never cease to grow” – Anthony Angelo


Education  forms the building blocks upon which the building of experience stands. Needless to say, education is the most essential part of every successful man. But is education all about mundane syllabus and rhetorical lessons, isn’t there any fun way to learn?

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Why Not Learn with Edutainment ?

Kids feel much happier and learn more when you mix entertainment and fun-filled activities together. The skills of the child will gradually increase in a perfect way when they learn in an environment which they like the most. When it comes to learning with fun, KidZania Delhi will be the best option for your kids where they can explore the real world in a better way.

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Learning Activities at KidZania

“All play and no games makes Jack a dull boy”, this one quote holds true till date. However, in the formative and growing years of kids, it is all about striking the perfect balance where they have to study and play. The importance of the two cannot be denied and when the two combine it is the best option. Therefore learning activities for kids are the need of the hour. 

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Fun for kids

KidZania is the most preferred destination to provide day long activities which provides fun for kids. KidZania is the global indoor theme park in Noida which provides fun and frolic for the whole family. It offers more than 100+ Role playing activities for your children to indulge in several education oriented activities. KidZania offers a host of activities which allow you to live up your dream of becoming your favourite professional. Here are top three things which makes it the top favourite place which provides fun for kids.

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Children Park in Noida

Have you ever glanced at the overhead aircraft and wondered what is it like to see things from down there, or have you ever wondered what all goes inside that aircraft? Well, humankind is infatuated with soaring the high skies and touch the top. KidZania is the global indoor amusement children park in noida which gives wings to all your aspiration and dreams through its full fledged aviation academy. KidZania works with the motive to educate your children while they have fun in our real life stimulated KidZania city and hence making KidZania one of the best children park in Noida.

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Mastering Skills through Role-Play

Children of all ages want to match peers. On the other hand, some kids with learning and consideration to problems may have less knowledge with the fundamental social rules. The good news is that you can support your kid developing public skills through practice. Below are age-specific scenarios that you can roll together. Roleplaying is a procedure that lets the kids discover genuine circumstances by working together with other kids in a defined way to cultivate skills and test diverse approaches in a sustained environment. 

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Kids Birthday venues in Noida

Birthday is the most interesting day for which the kids wait for a whole long year. So, celebration should also be grand for the apple of your eyes. To make the celebration magnificent, memorable and super entertaining, parents need to find out a perfect birthday venue comprising of lots of games, adventures, delicious food and some exclusively entertaining activities. For those who resides in Delhi or Delhi NCR, there are lot of interesting birthday venues in Noida available. Obviously, the more the birthday venues in Noida available makes it more complicated for parents to choose and finalize the venue


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Birthday Party Games for Kids

Birthdays are special and playing games on birthday, simply amplify the happiness and zeal of the birthday. Birthday party games for kids should be in accordance with their age and interest. Another important criterion for a game to be birthday party games for kids is that it should be enriching and increase their knowledge. 

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Fun-filled Kids Zone in Delhi

When we talk about Kids Zone in Delhi, obviously we meant a place that is full of life, lots of activities, games and good food. Kids are always excited for outing and love to go to various kids zone in Delhi that is jam-packed with games and adventure activities. If you live in Delhi or going to visit Delhi soon with your kids, than KidZania is a must visit kid zone in Delhi which is professionally designed by child psychologists and play experts to provide the kids a wide range of learning activities in the most entertaining and fascinating way. 

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Why Kidzania is important for Kids?

Life is nothing but a canvas. A canvas on which we paint using our experience. The veracity of experiences earned by a child in his childhood establishes the building blocks for the future. We at KidZania believe in the holistic development and all-around excellence of every kid through the exceptional approach of edutainment which amalgamates the vibrancy of childhood along with life-changing experiences of adulthood. At KidZania Delhi NCR, we strive to bestow each child with the hands-on experience of the adult world while allowing them to dwell in an amicable environment. 

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Climb up the Ladder to Success

Challenges are an essential part of everyone’s life. They not only present before you a challenging task but also allows you to dive deeper into yourself and search for your hidden talents. Being at the top and looking into seamless sky stills gives us jitters. Being at the top is something we all have fancies atleast once in our lives.

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The exciting activities for toddler

Toddlers are super active and sometimes it becomes hard to keep them engaged in one thing and find a peaceful time for our own selves. Toddler’s curiosity to know more about the world make them restless and induce them to discern more about the world and discover everything around. Parents must find out some good techniques and efficient activities for toddlers to direct their mind in a right direction in order to keep them engaged and ensure their safety when someone is not around. 


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Be the Next Big Actor at KidZania

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and tried to impersonate one of your favourite actor? Or have you ever dreamt of how it would feel being an actor and let the world take note of your acting skills? Well, we at KidZania are dedicated to bring all your dreams to reality and let you live exactly what you dream of.

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Press-news Blogger Opinions

Since we have opened, various bloggers and influencers have visited the park. Here are some excerpts of their experience at KidZania Delhi NCR with their kids.


5 Things About Kidzania Delhi That Makes it a Must Visit Place With Kids!


It’s just a month that the schools have reopened and your kids are already missing summer holidays? Or are you visiting Delhi with kids soon? Then Kidzania Delhi is a must visit theme park which is located in Entertainment City near The Great India Place Mall, Noida.

We are giving you all the right reasons that will motivate you to do so.

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Honest KidZania Delhi NCR Review | KidZania Noida

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Kidzania – A City of Adventures for Kids in Noida


KidZania is a city full of real life adventures ready to be explored by kids spread across three floors over a huge area of nearly one lakh sq ft. The real world city is replicated at a kiddie-level with battery cars running on paved roads flanked by residential and industrial buildings and city has its own money called KidZos (as in monopoly or life board games) needed to work your way through it. A great way of empowering kids with financial literacy.

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Kidzania Noida! An exciting world of real-life adventures for kids

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Kidzania Noida Invites patrons to their Sportathon

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To end 2017 on a sporty note, KidZania Noida and Adidas curated a two-week Sportathon for their patrons.

From Football and Basketball to Table Tennis and Zumba – patrons really need to gear up for the most-awaited Uprising in the month of December. They also had amazing awards to be won for the activity. December is definitely the season to be jolly, so Kidzania Noida gave you just the right headstart. The entire event was planned around motivating people to take a step forward for fitness. 

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Publishing Articles from KidZania

Upcycle Old Crayons

cool craft turn old crayons

image via: She Knows

If you have kids at home, you are sure to have a whole lot of broken, peeled crayons that have been put away in a drawer, never to be used again. We ave a DIY to save those lonely crayons and give your kids something new to enjoy art time with. 

Step 1: Peel off your left over crayons (if your kids haven't already)

Step 2: Break them up in to small pieces

Step 3: Add a mix of these colours into a silicone baking tray

Step 4: Place the molds in an oven for about 10 minutes or until the crayons are fully melted

Step 5: Take the tray out carefully and be sure to not spill any of the now liquid crayons

Step 6: Wait for the crayons to cool. Once they cool, they will harden

Step 7: Demold and let your kids enjoy these new crafty creations



Visiting KidZania Delhi NCR? Here's What to Expect

From check-in to check-out, your visit to KidZania Delhi NCR explained step by step so that you can make the most of it.



When you check-in at the KidZania International Airport, you will receive: 

  • RFID security bracelets for each member of your party. These will ensure your child remains safely within the City, and can only be checked out with you present. They will also record any allergies your child may have. Find out more about security at KidZania Delhi NCR
  • KidZos, for every child aged 4 and over. Your child will use these to either pay for certain activities and products or they can save them and open a bank account. Find out more about our economy and kidZos
  • A map of the City. Take a look at the city map to KidZania Delhi NCR and decide which activities you wish to do first


Inside the City

Once you’ve landed safely in the City, now what?

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Visitor Tips

We at KidZania want you and your family to have a great day at the park and enjoy each experience to the fullest. In our endeavours to ensure that you have a memorable KidZania experience, we have put together a checklist to help you during your visit.

  • As a safety precaution, all adult visitors at KidZania need to be accompanied by kids
  • Visitors under the age if 8 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Senior citizens are requested to carry and produce a valid photo ID card to avail of offers under the 'Senior Citizen Ticket'
  • No two promotions or offers can be combined ....


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Why KidZania Is An Amazing Place For Kids

If you are looking for places to take your kids, then look no further than KidZania Delhi NCR. Built like a city, this indoor theme park is a unique offering for kids to experience the outside real-world in a safe and secure environment. Our experts known as Zupervisors guide each child through the activities, making role-playing games enjoyable and educative.


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