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Dabur Red Paste Oral Care Weekends

Dabur Red Paste Oral Care weekends

At KidZania we care about the well-being of everyone and aim to spread awareness and educate adults and kids about dental care and oral hygiene. Dabur Red Paste, the No. 1 Ayurvedic Toothpaste of the country is also committed to imparting the benefits of good Oral Health. The common cause led Dabur Red Paste to join hands with KidZania Delhi NCR in its initiative to promote oral hygiene among all the visitors.

This is a 7-weekend initiative starting from 21st July 2018 will include a host of fun & learning activities for the kids who visit KidZania:

  1. Dental Match – Several pictures related to the universe of food will be displayed to kids. Visitors will have to beat the time or their competitor in fitting the right food at the right place. Winners will get 8 kidzos and red paste samples
  2. Word Search Puzzle Game – Visitors have to find words related to the universe of dental care in the crossword puzzle and beat the time or their competitor in finding the right word
  3. Oral Care Expert – To impart the importance of good oral hygiene 

In addition, Dabur Red Paste samples will be given out to the participants.

Bring your Kids to KidZania and let them experience the value of dental hygiene.


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