Energy Conservation Hub | Amusement Park in Delhi

Delhi NCR

Bajaj Energy Conservation Hub

Take charge of KidZania's power supply

Energy To Conserving Electricity


  • Energy Conservation Technician


Activity Description

Kids take charge of the power supply in KidZania and go on a mission to conserve energy. Visitors understand the efficiency of LED bulbs by performing tests inside the establishment and then head out to change a light-bulb on a street in the city of KidZania Delhi NCR. 


Activity Duration

20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Motor skills required to fix and replace lights with precision
  • Cognitive Skills: Attention and memory is required in order to complete the task - analyzing the situation and acting according to the circumstances
  • Emotional Skills: Responsibility towards the environment is a fundamental learning of the activity
  • Social Skills: Visitors perform the activity in a group and they interact with each other to finish the task



Kids will earn 10 kidZos as Technicians here.

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