Learn How A Fire Department Works | Activities for Kids

Delhi NCR

Fire Department

Be a hero, go on a fire patrol and learn what to do in case of a fire

Fire-truck Put Out A Fire


  • Firefighter


Activity Description

Visitors will be part of the Fire Department of KidZania and work with fellow Firefighters to save the Building in Flames. They will patrol the city, learn about fire safety and prevention, as well as put out a fire.



25 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Understanding how to put out a fire by using a hose/extinguisher. Acting quickly to save the burning building
  • Cognitive Skills: Analyzing and reacting in a quick yet smart manner during emergencies
  • Emotional Skills: Building a positive and confident attitude. Giving kids a sense of achievement by making them heroes
  • Social Skills: Working as part of a team and communicating with fellow firefighters



Kids will pay 12 kidZos to become Firefighters.