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Ice Candy Factory

Make your own ice candy in a variety of flavours

Popsicle Be An Ice Candy Expert


  • Food Engineers 


Activity Description

Visitors work as Food Engineers and assist the Ice Candy Maker in the production process. In this roleplay activity, children get to explore their creative side and create a cold, refreshing ice candy in a flavour of their choice. Right from choosing the ice candy they wish to make, selecting ingredients, mixing them, moulding, freezing and packaging - kids get a deep understanding of how their favourite treat is made.



15 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Kids will measure the ingredients precisely and use machinery in the process of manufacturing ice candy
  • Cognitive Skills: Visitors must understand and remember the process of manufacturing
  • Emotional Skills: Kids feel a sense of accomplishment after making the ice candy from scratch
  • Social Skills: Kids will work in teams to achieve the task and will have to communicate with one another effectively



Earn 8 kidZos as a Food Engineer.