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Best Places To Go With Kids

If you are looking for places to take your kids, then look no further than KidZania Delhi NCR

One of the things that keep a family together is frequently going out on day trips and vacations. Although there are a lot of happening places for adults but very selected places for kids in Delhi. If you are looking for places to take your kids, then look no further than KidZania Delhi NCR. Built like a city, this indoor theme park is a unique offering for kids to experience the outside real-world in a safe and secure environment. Our experts known as Zupervisors guide each child through the activities, making role-playing games enjoyable and educative.


KidZania Delhi NCR is one of the best places to visit whether you are in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon with family no matter what time of the year it is. With a safe, indoor, temperature controlled environment with high quality air filtration, your kid can enjoy fun and learning with zero interuptions. It is a unique educational theme-park where children can spend time doing what they love while the adults can enjoy activities designed for them. The size of 7 Olympic swimming pools, this city has its own economy and currency. Complete with paved roads, KidZania Delhi NCR is a city of joy, without a doubt. If you’re looking for picnic spots in Delhi for kids during their holidays, bring them to KidZania Delhi NCR and make it a memorable day.


By blending real world professions with enjoyable role playing activities, what the theme park offers is something very unique. The park is a great place to go with kids that enhances their personality and helps them become responsible individuals in society, thereby making the world a better place. Our activities have been designed by child psychologists and educators who understand the psyche of children. With experts guiding your kids through various activities like acting, dancing, juggling and more, you can be assured that your child is in safe hands.


Without the distraction of TV, video games and rides, KidZania Delhi NCR is easily one of those few places to take kids that help them grow physically and mentally.


Whether you are celebrating a birthday or a special occasion, KidZania Delhi NCR offers ample opportunities to enjoy all kinds of events and celebrations. A great day in one of the great picnic spots in Delhi for kids can be the much needed break from the busy life. A general theme of edutainment ensures that everything your child does at KidZania Delhi NCR is helping him or her in many ways. Fostering leadership, decision making, developing a strong sense of self are very important, especially at a young age.


If you’re looking for a place where your kid can don the hats of various professions, look no further than KidZania. It is one of the most interactive, fun, entertaining and enjoyable places to take your kids in Delhi.