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Delhi NCR

Times of India Newspaper Bureau

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Newspaper Get Your First Byline


  • Journalist


Activity Description

Don your press badge and become a real newspaper journalist as you head out to KidZania's streets to report a range of different stories. Back at the newspaper office, you will write up your stories and help publish the paper. You can also take home your very own copy.



20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Kids learn to handling the camera, writing board and paper, typing on the computer to enter the news item
  • Cognitive Skills: Kids interrogate and  gather information from around . Weaving the information into a story
  • Emotional Skills: Perseverance to get the news item. Happiness from seeing the newspaper print
  • Social Skills: Kids interact with strangers to get the news article



Journalists earn 8 kidZos for completing this activity.

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