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Delhi NCR

Amiown Pre-school

Play didactic games, use toys, read story books and solve puzzles

Kindergarten Toddlers Welcome


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Activity Description

At the Amiown Pre-school in KidZania, kids can develop fine motor skills, concentration, exploration and imagination. Kids fun 'n' learning games, art, reading and role-play all come together here. Since this is a toddler only zone, parents are encouraged and allowed to accompany kids.



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Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Visitors learn valuable motor skills while solving puzzles, painting and playing with play dough
  • Cognitive Skills: Didactic books and puzzles will help with developing cognitive skills
  • Emotional Skills: The kindergarten setting and the constant encouragement will aid their emotional development
  • Social Skills: Interacting with other visitors aids social development



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