Underground Infrastructure | Roleplay Activities for Kids

Delhi NCR

Underground Infrastructure

Explore the city's underground infrastructure

Underground-infrastructure Restore Water & Power Supply


  • Underground Utility Worker


Activity Description

Kids will learn to  restore water and power supply to the city of KidZania Delhi NCR. Kids above 8 years of age can walk through tunnels, locate obstructions and restore supply of energy to the city in this fun cum learning activity. 



20 Minutes

Educational Content

  • Psychomotor Skills: Replacing the pipes or the circuit breaker requires dexterity
  • Cognitive Skills: Visitors will rely on their understanding of the instructions and follow the tunnel map to complete the activity
  • Emotional Skills: Given the task of maintaining the city’s essential utility operations and accomplishing it on their own puts the visitors in a position of responsibility
  • Social Skills: Visitors perform the activity in group and rely on each other to finish the task



Kids will earn 10 KidZos from completing this activity.