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Visitor Tips

Tips to have an enjoyable, safe and fun KidZania experience

Press Tips to Make the Most of Your Visit

We at KidZania want you and your family to have a great day at this theme amusement park and enjoy each experience to the fullest. In our endeavours to ensure that you have a memorable KidZania experience, we have put together a checklist to help you during your visit.

  1. As a safety precaution, all adult visitors at KidZania need to be accompanied by kids
  2. Visitors under the age if 8 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  3. Senior citizens are requested to carry and produce a valid photo ID card to avail of offers under the 'Senior Citizen Ticket'
  4. No two promotions or offers can be combined
  5. Book online to skip the line - we have a separate queue for users who have secured a ticket through online booking

  6. Visitors entering the park must have a valid boarding pass and RFID bracelet issued at the KidZania Airport (Ticketing Counter)
  7. The RFID bracelet is non-transferable
  8. Ask for offers on F&B, Merchandise and the B-KidZanian PaZZport at the KidZania Airport Counter
  9. Visit the Information Centre and ask for a Map or download one here
  10. We recommend that you complete the below tasks at least 30 minutes before your shift ends so that you can disembark smoothly -
    • Redeem your kidZos at the Department Store
    • Open a Savings Account and get a Debit / ATM Card - this will be useful for your next visit
    • Redeem any F&B combo coupons purchased as these are time bound

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