What to Expect at KidZania Delhi NCR | Theme Park in Delhi

Delhi NCR

What To Expect At KidZania

Visiting KidZania Delhi NCR? Here's what you can expect out of your visit


When you check-in at the KidZania International Airport, you will receive: 

  • RFID security bracelets for each member of your party. These will ensure your child remains safely within the City, and can only be checked out with you present. They will also record any allergies your child may have. Find out more about security at KidZania Delhi NCR
  • KidZos, for every child aged 4 and over. Your child will use these to either pay for certain activities and products or they can save them and open a bank account. Find out more about our economy and kidZos
  • A map of the City. Take a look at the city map to KidZania Delhi NCR and decide which activities you wish to do first


Please note:

  • There is a lift (elevator) located in the city for those who may require assistance to get to the mezzanine level. Please ask us for assistance
  • Keep hydrated. There are several water fountains located all around the city for parents and kids visiting


Dress Restriction:

  • If kids would like to take part in the climbing wall or air-conditioning activities, then we recommend sensible footwear with socks and girls need to wear suitable trousers. Please note, flips-flops, sandals or loose fitted shoes are not recommended


Inside the City

Once you’ve landed safely in the City, now what?

  • With more than 100 activities on offer, it might seem a little overwhelming for kids trying to choose their first job. Here is a list of all the activities available at KidZania
  • Parents, we suggest you let the kids pick out the activities they’d like to do and let them independently choose whether they wish to earn or spend. This would help you gauge their behavior, post which you could advise them on how to save or explore their interests
  • You can watch your child participate in each activity through the viewing windows. There are some opportunities for you to take part in the fun with select activities for grown-ups
  • Make sure to take your kids to the Bank. At the Bank kids can open their own account and will receive a personalized debit card, this can be done at any point during their visit
  • Use our information kiosks located around the city to send messages to your child or see which activity they are currently in. Just swipe your band to use the system and send a message – this will be delivered to your child when they check into their next activity
  • If you get hungry during your visit, be sure to stop at one of our dining or snack locations. All the locations below require payment in Indian rupees. There are various options for drinks, snacks and treats. For a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner take a break at Domino's, Dunkin Donuts or Zebra Crossing
  • Do you have an under 4-year old along for the trip? Make sure you visit our early years establishments with your toddlers
  • Once your child is confident exploring the city on their own, why not take some time out in our Pepperfry Parents Lounge. There’s a great selection of food and beverages, plus comfy sofas and TV to help you relax.


Once your time is almost up!

  • Once your time is up, your child’s bracelet will not let them scan into any new activities. Please then make your way to Immigration where our Airport team will help to check you out


We hope you enjoy your visit to KidZania Delhi NCR. For any queries and further information kindly contact us on 1800-102-1222.